OGB List

OGB List

In the overall effort to limit the impact on the environment of Markem-Imaje products, an internal restriction list, referred to as the OGB list, was established several years ago for controlling the chemicals used in our consumable offerings.

Consumables considered in the OGB list are inks, additives, ribbons, labels designed and marketed by Markem-Imaje.

Raw materials used in the formulation are therefore automatically classified under one of the lists below and managed accordingly.

Black list (B)
The black list contains all the chemical substances that Markem-Imaje refuses to use in the formulation of its products that are not subject to any lawful restriction.

Grey list (G)
This list indexes the chemical substances and products concerned by lawful restrictions, normative and/or resulting from customers. The use of a grey list chemical substance, over the internal limit, is forbidden except under internal derogation.

Orange list (O)
The substances included in this list are not subject to lawful restriction at the moment of the OGB list update but are continuously monitored. The substance may be subject to changes in regulations, standards and customer requests.

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